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Menu Engineering

THE FLAVOUR FACTORY is perfect blend of menu engineering, food tech and all natural quality ingredients to make magic recipes for guilt free eating!

The Flavor Factory brand family is grown from one Indian mexican fusion brand to multiple brands with unique culinary experince with fusion recipes from all over the world.....viz Wrapwok, Burrito N Biryani, Momo Monk, Soul Chutney, Charcoal Pizza, Belgian Bake, Vegan food mall, Kulfi N Kream and Fit Bee.

All Menus are curated and well researched to create authentic fusion of Indian, Mexican, Chinese, British, Belgian, Italian food with  from all natural and quality ingredients made with love!

Our Journey started with menu engineering and  cloud kitchen but we realized that many restaurant business fail due to inefficient processes and manual methods so we decided to focus on developing technology solutions to make restaurant and cafeteria operations efficient saving cost, reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction with 360 degree feedback system using our software solutions.

We aim to help resturant business owners with All in One software solutions along with cutting edge hardware to run business seamlessly helping them to increase sales and profitability.

Our Cafeteria Management system is being developed to take away burden of running it from corporate companies and other organizations making them focus on their core business.

Digitization of Restaurants

THE FLAVOR FACTORY, was started by Indian Techie & foodie who was tired of eating bland and tasteless healthy food while working in Canary Wharf,London. He missed variety of flavors and spices of Indian food. So he decided to check with his colleagues, friends and strangers and got same feedback that they want healthy food but cant eat tasteless bland food every day. So he decided to do some recipe trials at home with his wife and realized with smart fusion recipes it is possible to make very good healthy and tasty food. So he approached experts in this field who agreed to be onboard to work on menu engineering and recipe development to to make these magic fusion recipes hence born THE FLAVOR FACTORY and all its brands to bring cuisines from all over the world ..at click of button...




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